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This is where the “theory meets the road” and the results aren’t what you’d expect!  Options Theory is the base we all must build from.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t get us all the way there!  Not even close!

Options are the BEST vehicle for active investors to utilize as their main investment vehicle.  In our humble opinions,  no other investment vehicle is even close!  However, using these powerful products with only a theoretical base can lead to less than ideal outcomes especially when investors are new to them. 

Cutting to the chase, frankly, it’s really all in the “know-how”.  The professionals in the marketplace have the theory down cold so consider the theory a minimum prerequisite.  Long term, bankable success in dynamic markets requires much more than theoretical knowledge.  And that’s exactly what we try to share with our clients: How to practically apply options theory, properly, in real markets in the real world .  This information isn’t theoretical, it’s know-how that’s been hard earned from observing, investing and yes even getting beat up at times by the markets over the past 20 or so years!


Wayne Razzi, Founder

Ryan Mastro, Founder

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