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INCREASED their average monthly investment returns by over 200% 


REDUCED their portfolio risk on average by 65%!

Dividends = Risk

High dividend yielding stocks were something your grandfather used to build his portfolio.  There are much better ways to create an income stream for your portfolio.  When a stock drops 50% in value the 8% dividend doesn't make a difference.   In order to get the dividend you have to own the stock.  The total stock value is the risk. So in order to collect a 8% yield you need to endure the ups and downs of the stock market for the entire year.

There is a better way!

Our model combines time tested, mathematically proven strategies.  We reduce your capital outlay to only 20-30% of your original investment and combine it with an income component.  Dividends are collected every quarter.  Our strategy can be implemented and closed within a week.  This single weekly amount can be greater than the annual yield of your dividend.

Once collected, you can choose to do another week or exit the investment completely.  There are two important concepts that allow this model to work...Leverage and Time.  Leverage is what allows us to buy the asset for pennies on the dollar and the passage of time allows us to create the income stream.  We are actually buying and selling the rights to purchase stocks with different times frames and at different levels.  This special combination creates the weekly income stream.  This can be repeated over and over again in over 500 stocks.

Now most investors use dividends stocks to get the guaranteed yield over time....but think about being able to get the same yield in a week.  This can be done over and over again without having to risk the full value of the stock or wait for the company to issue the dividend.

I didn't know!

If you are not searching for this information and no one is pushing it in your face, you will stick with the status quo.

If you don't see someone else using it, then you are most likely continue doing what Wall Street wants you to do.

There really is no comparison...

When you compare a 7% yield with 100% of the risk for an entire year or 25% of the risk and the same yield in a week.


Now that you know...

Will you go back to investing like your grandparents?


Market Fluctuations

It is quite obvious that the market moves up and down especially over a one year period.  Most dividend investors dismiss their stock movement with the excuse of the potential "yields" .  The fact is that large declines are hard to recover from even with a dividend. Wall Street wants us to believe that long term investing is the way to go.  That averaging in over time is the best way to invest.  The reason these ideas are pushed is because it is easiest for Wall Street to do these things vs actually doing real work.

When you invest in a dividend stock you have to hope that your stock value doesn't decline by the yield....otherwise you are not just breaking even you have lost an entire year with you capital tied up in that stock.  It is very hard to predict that a stock will appreciate over long periods of time.

Is it easier to predict a stock's movement over one week or one year?

Nothing is 100% predictable but the movement over 1-2 weeks will always be much less than 1 year.  Momentum traders do this everyday...find stocks that are moving with a trend and the market and ride the wave.  For those of you that are not interested in collecting every week, this strategy can be done over a monthly time frame as well.

Educational Course

We built this course because we do not believe in the Wall Street long term approach.  Wealth is destroyed because people do not understand the real risk that they are being exposed to every day.  We have traded and made money through the last two crashes of 2000 and 2009 while most people were in assets that they didn't know could decrease in value so much...creating draw downs of  50-60% of their portfolios.

It doesn't have to be this way and we would like to share with you our methods.  In fact, you can do the same thing to the downside. If you feel the stock market will continue to go down then you can do the same exact model just in the opposite direction!

LEARN NOW ... before it is too late!

How much have you lost in your Portfolio already this year?



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As Wayne promised, learning a subject that once seemed insurmountable has begun to fall into place like dominoes.  Wayne was there to help guide me at a very low moment in my learning experience, and for that I’m truly grateful to him.

Now that I’ve progressed to the actual trading of options, I look forward to my coaching sessions with Wayne even more.  It’s so rewarding and a confidence builder to have a coach with whom to discuss an actual trade.  No amount of classroom learning can replicate the experience of a real trade made under actual market conditions, from initial entry all the way to exit and expiration.

I believe coaches like Wayne Razzi provide an invaluable service to the OptionMONSTER Education program.  Wayne understands and respects the consumer as adult learners, who despite having successful careers in other fields, can find learning about options very foreign and mystifying.  Wayne helps to make the optionMONSTER Education program a well rounded and first class learning experience.

Amy Yamashita

I spent 20 years using real option theory to value power generation projects for financing.  I've been doing technical analysis since I was 14, and I've been lucky to have several old men - I mean old - as my teachers.  I'm self taught, but I pretty much know the theory.  What I have never learned is what you are teaching.  It is a real privilege to learn from you.  Thank you for taking this class seriously.

K. Farney

Our Coaches

What you'll receive with this Course:

This is a recorded multi-webinar course on a option trading platform!

Using Leverage

3 Videos

This covers critical options concepts, logic, and strategies that lay the foundation for the advanced concepts and strategies that follow.

Value: $1,000

Options Strategies

3 Videos

This covers specific options concepts,  strategy variations and PRO-LEVEL position management techniques that are GAME CHANGING!

Value: $5,000

Generating Income

1 Video

Building block to option strategies...buying and selling options.  Know when to implement and how to adjust!

Value: $5,000

Proprietary Hybrid Strategy

3 Videos

Our best strategy to utilize for consistent profits and income generation.  Modified strategies with all of the benefits of appreciation and income!

Value: $5,000

Bank and Roll

2 Videos

Professional Level Position Management.  Applying Technical Analysis forecasting with option adjustments to lock in profit and stay in trade!

Value: $5,000

Creating Wealth Video

1 Video

Core concepts of wealth creation and income.  Power of compounding, diversification and adjusting your portfolio for new opportunities.

Value: $500

When to be in the Market

3 Videos

These videos uses Technical Analysis concepts to show core concepts of timing the market.  Looking over the should of a Professional Trader!

Value: $5,000

Adjusting Portfolio

2 Hour Intensive with  Coach

Process of adjusting your portfolio positions.  Diversify with sectors, out-performing, under-performing, capital weighting.

Value: $1,000


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Few advisors have had even a fraction the impact on my professional career as Wayne Razzi. In the relatively short time I’ve worked and studied under Wayne, the difference in my overall application and understanding of trading strategies is night and day. There is not a second wasted in a session. Beyond that, he sets up a to-the-minute, real world demonstration relevant not only to long term investment, but to short and medium term trades in the interim. Starting from the most basic of basics, he walks clients through foundational concepts until a general understanding of option theory has developed. Then accelerates the pace based on your comfort level with the subject matter, with advanced concepts coming as experience is acquired in live trading. 

What I appreciated the most was his genuine concern for my well being, not only as a trader, but on a personal level as well. I’ve gotten to be good friends with Wayne over the last year and a half, and look forward to any time we can spend in session. The world of options isn’t for the faint of heart or spirit. But I have every confidence in myself now, thanks to his patience with me as a student at first, then his dedication and concern as a colleague. The best way I can put it- time with him is worth it’s weight in gold, and his guidance an invaluable tool in a highly volatile market environment. Sessions don’t end until he’s comfortable your objectives are met, and makes sure a solid understanding is achieved. I owe most, if not all of my success to his all-star knowledge and expertise. In a turbulent market I’d rather be nowhere else. 

Tyler Hinson Market Analyst