ActOpt Live Idea Generation

Struggling with Stock or Strategy Selection?  Have a question you want a Pro to Answer?

Frustrated with Position Management?  Want to see how the Pros do it?

Need help with Scanning the market to create a SHORT LIST of Good Ideas?

Come watch over the Pro’s shoulder:

In a Weekly Webinar:

  • You will see how they analyze the markets, then drill down into sectors and stocks to see what's working.
  • How to spot the high probability trade ideas, and then narrow those down even further for best ideas of the day.
  • How to use technical analysis to find and analyze groups of stocks.
  • Learn how to narrow down opportunities using pro tools to select the BEST strategies for maximum profits.
  • You will see their technical targets, IV analysis, and option strategies to best fit the potential opportunity.

Get weekly trade ideas and periodic updates on recent ideas.  Our goal is to find and then walk through each trade idea from theory to application.  Each trade idea will have a target(s), rationale and options strategies.  After the trade idea explanation, members will be able to ask questions to learn as we uncover potential.

Our goal is to provide critical, difference-making perspective so that over time you'll gain the confidence to know where the opportunities are and how to consistently take advantage of them!

Wayne Razzi, Founder

Ryan Mastro, Founder

Each Week:

  • Recap of recent Trade Ideas (10 Mins)
  • Trade Ideas 2 - Several! (40 Mins)
  • Q & A (10 Mins)
  • Recordings of All Sessions

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