Can You?

Can you, possibly as an investor that’s new to options maybe even the markets in-general learn to actively invest with success within a reasonable period of time?

YES! ***

*** = If properly educated and trained!

We know this to be true because we’ve been able to help thousands of professional and individual investors to succeed with options over the past 3 decades.  It’s just, that there aren’t any shortcuts.  If you want to be consistently successful you’ve got to know you’re stuff and have the confidence to apply it.  That’s reality.  Active investing has tremendous, practically unlimited upside and it intrigues millions but consistent success eludes most.  Why?  If you listen to the financial-media and the Wall St. Advisor/Mutual Fund Complex it’s because the investing public is simply too stupid and will always be too stupid to do it on their own.  Which is why those “white knights” will happily charge you (win or lose!) to do it for you since you can’t do it yourself, or so they think!  OUR VIEW HOWEVER is based on the the belief that most fail due to a lack of familiarity and experience.  We believe that most folks need to first become soundly educated and then learn from someone with real-world experience to legitimately have a chance to navigate challenging markets consistently over time.  We plainly concede that without the pro mentors that helped us in our early days we would have stood virtually no chance of succeeding as pro traders in the volatile markets.  By the way, that’s after we already had acquired the “book knowledge”!  There’s no substitute for “know-how” especially in something that can get as confusing at times as options trading.



Professional-Real World Proven Step by Step Process


  1. EDUCATION – Build a deep understanding of how options work – how they’re priced – Equivalent to an entry-level professional*
  2. TRAIN – Solidify and deepen your knowledge base / Move from Theory to Practice
  3. EXECUTE – Bring it all together, initiate and manage with confidence
  4. REFINE – Learn from results, review, rework and reapply


Our goal is to assist investors as they advance across the spectrum:



In short, here’s much of what’s needed to consistently succeed in active options investing:

  1. Strong Educational Foundation – Equivalent to Entry Level Pro
  2. Converting that BASE Knowledge into practical application
  3. Identifying, ranking and initiating actionable trading ideas
  4. Applying the proper strategies at the proper time
  5. Actively managing and modifying options positions
  6. Developing consistency in timing and risk assessment
  7. Maintaining a positive psychology
  8. A reliable source of ideas / A daily “short list” of high quality trade candidates
  9. Refining all over time