Collect Rent Without Real Estate

Real Estate can be a lucrative investment...if you get lucky.

You must be able to absorb years of prices moving against you.  Flipping a purchase can be costly in terms of repairs and closing costs.  If you want to be a landlord then be prepared for one hell of a ride.  Time management skills will be critical to handle collecting the rent and paying expenses like taxes, repairs and maintenance.  If you are lucky to find a great tenant then you will get a few good years out of them, but there is no guarantee to sell that investment for a profit.

For years we have been showing investors how to create a rental investment with stock options.

 Options are far superior to real estate because they provide

incredible flexibility and liquidity.

 As professional options traders we know first hand that the main goal of any investment is to make money.  Just like real estate there are two ways to make that money...price fluctuations and time.  Real estate goes up and down and if you buy low and sell high then you make a profit.  If you collect rent month after month then in the end you should make some free cash flow (at least that is the goal!)

When Options are properly structured with our Hybrid Strategy,  an investor can take advantage of both price fluctuations and time.  You can buy low to sell higher and collect rent!  In fact, the rent can be a significant percentage of the down payment.  This is dramatically different than a real estate rental.  

We ran some numbers to compare and there really is no comparison:

Our Clients:

Have REDUCED their risk by 50% to as much as 80% using this strategy across their portfolio!

INCREASED their average monthly investment returns by over 200% .

So what is this incredible strategy?

It is a modified option strategy. But it's more than that. Our approach utilizes a tremendous base strategy but it incorporates "smart hedging" tactics as well. It's a dynamic approach and as a result it delivers dynamic performance and results.

Over the past ten years we've worked with thousands of stock and mutual fund focused investors. From this pool of beginner to advanced stock investors, we've been able to guide them step by step to take command options and to employ this strategy with great success. Of all the options strategies, we've found that this one "hybrid" strategy has the greatest capability of returning consistent profits with reduced risk for the greatest number of investors.

Most of our clients are seeking consistent returns but don't realize how much that are actually risking with their current portfolio.


Real World Approach

The first half of the course teaches what an option is and how to use it to reduce your overall risk while freeing up capital.

The second half of the course builds progressively and then demonstrates exactly how to implement our modified strategy and how to dynamically adjust for maximum gain and/or protection.

We all know the market moves around a good bit and at times in ways that many of us do not like! Knowing this, our goal must be to be prepared for what the market and our stocks may do.

Our approach provides practically effortless "adjust-ability" to profit in any type of market conditions.  Investors realize that market conditions may change at a moment's notice and this can often force us to temporarily change our opinion of the potential outcomes. This is an absolutely critical difference-making part of active position management which is why we cover quick and easy modification trades to accommodate changing outlooks.

We know that every investor has a unique situation, and normally a basket of positions that they've held for a long time that reflects their overall opinion of the markets.  This course, once the information contained within it is deeply understood, will dramatically help investors with all aspects of active investing that can be adapted to enhance not only their current portfolio but anything they become involved with from that point onward.


The Game Changer

Finally, we can't emphasize this enough, the biggest separator between PRO and individual investor performance can be found in the management phase of the investment. PROs are trained to know how to adjust their trades intelligently as conditions dictate and movement unfolds. This active approach to risk management results not only in superior performance but it also helps to maintain a positive psychology because investors realize that they can be in complete command and control of both risk and reward at any time.  This is EXACTLY what we cover in the coursework below.  This isn't merely basic options knowledge.  In fact, it's more accurate to state that it covers how the pros take the basics and apply those concepts in far superior ways.


caret-down caret-up caret-left caret-right

As Wayne promised, learning a subject that once seemed insurmountable has begun to fall into place like dominoes.  Wayne was there to help guide me at a very low moment in my learning experience, and for that I’m truly grateful to him.

Now that I’ve progressed to the actual trading of options, I look forward to my coaching sessions with Wayne even more.  It’s so rewarding and a confidence builder to have a coach with whom to discuss an actual trade.  No amount of classroom learning can replicate the experience of a real trade made under actual market conditions, from initial entry all the way to exit and expiration.

I believe coaches like Wayne Razzi provide an invaluable service to the OptionMONSTER Education program.  Wayne understands and respects the consumer as adult learners, who despite having successful careers in other fields, can find learning about options very foreign and mystifying.  Wayne helps to make the optionMONSTER Education program a well rounded and first class learning experience.

Amy Yamashita

What you'll receive with this Course:

This is a recorded multi-webinar course presented to a group of high net-worth investors (streamlined and edited to protect their privacy)

Video Section 1 of 3

Critical Options "Groundwork" :

Coverage: 7 Videos : 110 Minutes Cumulatively

Highlights of Coverage: This covers critical options concepts, logic, and strategies that lay the foundation for the advanced concepts and strategies that follow.

*Valued at as much as $2000.00 (Value based on pricing by "High Profile" Options Education Companies)


Video Section 2 of 3

Hybrid & Hedging Strategies

Coverage: 6 Videos : 80 Minutes Cumulatively

Highlights of Coverage: This covers specific options concepts,  strategy variations and PRO-LEVEL position management techniques that are GAME CHANGING!

*Value > Not Ascertainable > $1000.00 simply to assign a number


Video Section 3 of 3

How to Beat Wall St. - Utilizing the Hybrid Strategy

Coverage: 3 Videos : 50 Minutes Cumulatively

Highlights of Coverage: The conclusion to the course that shows "How to put it All Together".  This is the logical extension to all that's been learned prior.  This literally demonstrates, with a mathematical basis, how to put the probabilities OVERWHELMINGLY on your side.

 *Value > Not Quantifiable (Limitless) > $1000.00 simply to assign a number


Bonus #1:

30 Minutes of 1-on-1 discussion directly with Us : A $100.00 Value

Bonus #2:

1 Month of Active Options Investing Live : Our weekly webinar service of actionable ideas, comprehensive analysis and specifics on options implementation : A $99.00 Value

Bonus #3:

Frequent Video Updates covering Key Market Developments : A $100.00 Value

Bonus #4:

 Access to Planned and Unplanned "Study Halls" : A $100.00 Value

Feel Good Bonuses:

No longer paying Wall St. Fees : Immeasurably Good!

Dramatically Reducing Risk Taking and Preserving Unlimited Profitability : Incalculably Good!

Becoming Independent from Wall St. "Advisors" : Priceless!

Confidently taking Full Control of your Financial Destiny : One GREAT Feeling!


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Few advisors have had even a fraction the impact on my professional career as Wayne Razzi. In the relatively short time I’ve worked and studied under Wayne, the difference in my overall application and understanding of trading strategies is night and day. There is not a second wasted in a session. Beyond that, he sets up a to-the-minute, real world demonstration relevant not only to long term investment, but to short and medium term trades in the interim. Starting from the most basic of basics, he walks clients through foundational concepts until a general understanding of option theory has developed. Then accelerates the pace based on your comfort level with the subject matter, with advanced concepts coming as experience is acquired in live trading. 

What I appreciated the most was his genuine concern for my well being, not only as a trader, but on a personal level as well. I’ve gotten to be good friends with Wayne over the last year and a half, and look forward to any time we can spend in session. The world of options isn’t for the faint of heart or spirit. But I have every confidence in myself now, thanks to his patience with me as a student at first, then his dedication and concern as a colleague. The best way I can put it- time with him is worth it’s weight in gold, and his guidance an invaluable tool in a highly volatile market environment. Sessions don’t end until he’s comfortable your objectives are met, and makes sure a solid understanding is achieved. I owe most, if not all of my success to his all-star knowledge and expertise. In a turbulent market I’d rather be nowhere else. 

Tyler Hinson Market Analyst