Keys to Profits

Options are by far the most powerful investment vehicle available to investors. Nothing else even comes close when all aspects are considered. That’s why options knowledge and familiarity with options strategies are critical components necessary for consistent success. HOWEVER, even with a PRO Level command of options you will NOT likely achieve consistent success without a much more critical capability. The ability to forecast and adjust forecasts as stock prices move is the KEY to Profits. Many clients have learned this the hard way after spending $10 or even $20,000 to become well-educated in options theory only to see profitability elude them. Read the testimonials on our site and you’ll notice a theme that runs through them. The missing element for most is typically practical “know-how”. Technical Analysis, aka “Charting”, stock price histories is what makes it possible to find, rank and manage profitable positions consistently. Without it 99% of investors are adrift, simply hoping that things “work out”. When good charting is combined with practical options knowledge and application the sky becomes the limit.

To be clear, we’re both part of the CMT Program (Chartered Market Technician). We’ve completed CMT Level 2 and plan to finish the CMT by completing the Level 3 exam this spring. At one time, we taught hundreds of students a very detailed (nearly 40 hour) course on Technical Analysis. While students were very happy with the breadth of coverage, many still requested that we provide another course on exactly what we use and how we use it. They wanted something that wasn’t too complicated and less encyclopedic. Many admitted that they were driven by greed having seen us consistently provide forecasts and adjustments that were of great benefit to them. In essence they were saying: “Just show me what you do, I’m willing to pay for it”. That is essentially what set about the development of our current course.

So now, our current, focused and practical Technical Analysis course only requires 1 day’s time to learn but certainly it needs to be practiced to some extent.

The bottom line is that we now teach our clients to chart as we do. By request, we use common classical indicators that are available on most brokerage platforms. We fully explain each indicator and why and how we use them. We share all the nuances that the we’ve learned in our 25 years of charting and we show the bare bones signals to enter, ride, and exit. We show how to “put it all together” as a conclusion.

We keep each TA course to 10 or fewer students to leave plenty of time for all students to ask whatever questions they need to.

Recordings are available.


Contents: Our precise blend of Charting Indicators and Methodology.