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Highly Intensive - Time Compressed Course

This is the same coursework that was used to train entry level professionals to go on to successfully trade on the option trading floors and desks around the country.
It’s also been used to successfully train thousands of individual investors over the past several years.
This is the foundational material that makes it possible to be consistently profitable.
This is an opportunity to not only learn the right information, but how to properly apply it in the real world from veteran traders that have trained thousands of independent investors.
Working with thousands of clients over the years has produced a lot of feedback.
One thing that we heard consistently was “I wish I had learned this a long time ago!”. Right along with that we also heard “I wish it didn’t take me 6 months to get this stuff down”. These types of comments are exactly what motivated us to develop this sufficiently thorough but fast-paced coursework in a new format. Now investors seeking to take command and control over their financial destiny can choose what fits them best.



Wayne Razzi, Founder

Ryan Mastro, Founder

The course is approximately 16 Hours of coverage of Critical Options Theory and Key Strategies

Investors can arrange for the following options by contacting us:

2 Consecutive Days – 8 hours per day

We recommend that a 1 on 1 Mentoring plan is purchased as a package along with Options Pro Training course. Most folks do very well absorbing and understanding the material but initially need assistance APPLYING what they’ve learned in the real world of dynamic markets.
This is the knowledge that launches the Quantum Leap that so many students experience.
Why does this work? It’s simple. It’s legitimate, genuine, real, use whatever word you prefer.
It combines the best investment vehicle in the world and uncommon knowledge.
Harnessing options as professionals do, understanding them as professionals do, makes all the difference in the world. This know-how is really what separates pros from the public and makes success much more likely than repeated failure that so many desperately want to put behind them. Permanently.
This is literally the information that makes the difference. This is the elusive “game changer”. We’ve witnessed this process help to change the lives and fortunes of thousands of frustrated investors.

If you’re reading this then you have a great opportunity to avoid pitfalls that undermine so many.
Most people do it the other way around. They lose a lot of money and time misapplying options only to seek out a pro-level education afterward. The smart way is to learn the foundation first. Then to apply them prudently as you move into the learning by doing phase.
Most people that we’ve worked with over the years feel as if they’ve gotten much more value back than they expected to when they signed on to this coursework and our mentoring.
Why? Because our students that learn to properly harness the power of options, to take command of options because they truly understand how they work, and at some point they never look back!
We’ve seen and heard it hundreds and hundreds of times. Investors that really get it, the ones that really put the work in and truly understand how options work, feel as if new worlds of incredible potential have been opened to them!


This course, as currently comprised consists of:

Section 1 > Options Superiority
Section 2 > Options Elements
Section 3 > Options Logic
Section 4 > Options Pricing Formula Basics
Section 5 > Probability > The Prerequisite to Understanding Volatility
Section 6 > Volatility Usage
Section 7 > Options Pricing with the Volatility Component
Section 8 > Options in Motion
Section 9 > Synthetics + The Greeks > Keys to Pricing + Trading Options
Section 10 > Key Options Strategies > Construction > Usage > Pro Applications
Section 11 > Practical Options Knowledge
Section 12 > Advanced Topics + Beyond

Options Course

16 -20 Hours of Intense Options Education with our coaches - LIVE

1 Year of Access to Recorded Sessions.



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