“Right Way” Learning

It’s our strong belief, having at one time been very new to the stock and options markets, that the “right way” to learn to actively invest successfully is to learn directly from people that have done just that.  It occurred to us very early in the process that all our economics and finance courses wouldn’t have really done much good for us if it hadn’t been for the veteran professional traders that mentored us daily to become money-makers.  Without that critical “this is how it’s actually done” piece of the puzzle, the odds are we would have been bounced out of active options trading much like 99% of under-educated folks are when they try it on their own.
Ideally, we’d like to see new clients fully complete our comprehensive Options Quick & Dirty course before beginning the 1 on 1 coaching phase.  Having a strong theoretical base is critical to achieve long-term consistent success.  But it’s not enough by itself.  Which is exactly why we offer the 1 on 1 program to clients.  We’ve seen the difference that the combination of both makes having worked with thousands of clients, both pro and active individual investors alike.