TA Course Videos

Welcome to the Technical Analysis Course:

Our goal is to get you up to speed as quickly as possible.

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Each Topic will have the recording link below it as it becomes available.

  1. Iterative Charting: Forecast then revise.  The key to staying nimble.
  2. Markets Hierarchy: How and Why this helps dial-in to what’s working in the markets.
  3. Price Structure: The basis for analysis of all kinds.  We define price structure then show how to use it.
  4. Common Price Patterns:  Timing and profit projections.  A great resource for options-based trading as well.
  5. Simple Moving Averages : Observation of key (professionally-oriented) moving averages on key time frames.
  6. Bollinger Bands: John Bollinger’s “volatility bands” that use statistics to provide meaningful information.
  7. Trendlines: Quite possibly the most important tool in a Chartist’s toolbox.
  8. MACD : It’s most definitely one of our top indicators that’s extremely versatile.
  9. RSI: Another versatile indicator that we use as a companion to the MACD.  (see all of the nuances).
  10. Entry Signal: Our ideal entry signal for both bullish and bearish trades.  You’ll know the specifics on when we “get in”.
  11. Exiting: By far the most difficult part of trade management.  We share our best approaches to enhance profits.
  12. Projection Methods: Critical in so many ways.  We explain all methods we utilize and in ways beyond the obvious.
  13. Stop Losses: Creative ways of using them along with creative ways to not use them!
  14. Comparison Charting: Some chartists never utilize this to their advantage.  That’s to our advantage!
  15. Confluence and Composite Charting: We’ll show you why it’s better to think in more than ONE dimension!
  16. Clearance: Room to run!
  17. Charting and Counting Time:  Why you need to pay attention to the “dark matter.”
  18. Seasonality: Cyclicality
  19. Sentiment: CNN Fear/Greed, McClellan Summation, % of Stocks Above…, Investor Surveys, Vix Level, Put/Call